Where it all began

My clean beauty journey has been a gradual one. A series of health concerns in my family lead to a closer investigation of not only what we were putting in our bodies, but what we were putting ON them. Add that to a deep concern for our environment, a love of animals and a switch to a vegetarian diet and a complete product detox was the natural next step.

During months of sporadically breaking out into head to toe hives, my sister, Elizabeth, tried everything that was suggested to make them go away. In her research, she began sending me articles about the toxins hiding in everyday products. That's when we started swapping out conventional brands for clean, non-toxic versions. Eventually, her hives went away for good and we were hooked.

I try to maintain a very realistic approach to clean beauty and hope to convey that to my customers. I never want anyone to feel intimidated by shopping for beauty products or by making the switch to using all clean products. Here at Shimmer, I have curated a collection of all my favorite products, ranging from cosmetics to personal and home care items. Not everyone wears makeup, but it's just as important to switch to a clean laundry detergent as it is to switch your skincare. Shimmer offers a mix of it all!

In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing product reviews, ingredient highlights and helpful hints for making the clean beauty switch. I'll also be sharing stories from local women who have had their own clean beauty experiences. I'm fortunate to have opened Shimmer in a community full of women who are leaders in their fields, full of interesting and inspiring stories. I'm excited to create a platform for us all to share ideas and help each other along the way!

Katherine LoweComment